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Webgl pages

These pages depend on a recent internet technology call webgl. Microsoft's Internet Explorer does not yet support this technology. Google's Chrome and Firefox version 4 do support webgl. I have also read that Apple's Safari browser supports it when the computer is running with the Snow Lepoard operating system. Some features in these pages make heavy use of your video card and may not work well with the Intel graphics accelerators that are present in many notebooks and low cost computers.

Warning: Apparently just updating Firefox to version 4 is not enough to enable webgl. When I upgraded from Firefox 3 to 4 on my notebook, webgl did not work. Using a suggestion I got from an internet search, I tried updating the drivers for my video chipset. Webgl worked after the video driver update. As an alternate option, I noticed that webgl worked fine in Google Chrome prior to my video driver update.

My webgl pages

Special Relativity application that is my entry in the GL64K contest. Approaching the speed of light.

Interactive staircase illusion similar to M.C. Escher's Ascending and Descending ported from code I wrote for my 2002 SIGGRAPH presentation. click here